If you have any questions are not answered below please email us on info@yummymummies.ie or call us on 085 144 5209.

How soon after having my baby can I start?

You can join Yummy Mummies after you have been cleared by your doctor at your 6 week checkup or if you have had a cessarean section whenever you receive your doctors clearance.  

What do I bring?

A towel (or exercise mat if you can fit it neatly under your buggy)


Suncream / rain gear for Yummy Mummy and Baby

Your Yummy Mummies membership card or your Pay Pal receipt if it is your first day.

What do I wear?

Most important is a good, supportive sports bra. It is advisable to be professionally fitted for this. All the major department stores provide this service. If you are breastfeeding, you may feel you need additional support such as a second bra or a support vest.

Whatever you are comfortable in and can move freely in - tracksuit, leggings, shorts  etc.

Comfortable, correctly fitting runners.

Can I Pay on the Day?

Unfortunately not. It is important that you sign up and pay online prior to your first class. If you require any further information about the class, feel free to give us a call or email us.

I was not fit before I got pregnant and am less fit now - will it be too much for me?

Not at all. Yummy Mummies classes are specially designed to suit all fitness levels. It is suitable for absolute beginners and also those who are already fit. Each Yummy Mummy is encouraged to push herself within her own limits. 

What if it is raining?

You are not made of sugar - you won't melt in a bit of rain!! Classes will go ahead regardless of the weather, so get yourself wrapped up on a cold day or covered up on a rainy day. Babies don't mind being out in the rain as long as they are covered over and warm. Don't forget a change of clothes for afterwards.  

Do I need a Super Duper fancy buggy?

No, any pram / buggy will do. Generally buggies with bigger wheels are easier to push when exercising, but if you don't have one, don't worry, you will still be able to do all the exercises.  

Can I bring my double buggy with the pair of them?

Absolutely, no problem at all.

My 2 year old might like to get out of the buggy and run around a bit. Is this okay?

No, this is your time for exercising. Baby / toddler needs to stay in their buggy for their own safety. We don't mind at all if your baby howls during the class. It is up to you if you want to take some time out of the class or if you want to continue with the class and let them get over it in their own time.



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